why netwin

Why Netwin?

> 19+ years of experience in Banking Software.

> 150+ Bank Customer sites, 200 employees.

> Technology Consultants for Banking

> 20 support locations across Maharashtra.

> Full-fledged software development centers in India (Pune and Nasik) with state of art communication facilities.

> Data Center with Experienced technical team.

> Registered as IT unit by Govt of Maharashtra.

> Successfully completed Projects of Central and State Government.

Call Center

> 10 seperate phone lines for Customer Support.

> Online Remote Service to customer.

> Call Locking System.

> Co-ordination with onsite support team.

> Independent feedback system to track the state of the issues.

Support Team

> 100+ Engineers working at your service across Maharashtra.

> Onsite Support.

> Onsite Training.

> Requirement Study.

> Onsite Implementation.

> Onsite Software Up-gradation.

> Onsite Report Customization.

> Customer Service ERP System.