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Web Application Development


We are a highly specialized software development company offering cutting edge web site design and development services to SME clients in USA, Europe and Australia. We study your requirements carefully and provide you a perfect solution to satisfy your requirements completely at very competitive price with excellent and personalized service. Every aspect of website design life cycle is managed professionally by our experienced team of engineers.

Our well-developed website development process ensures that your site will be User Friendly with proper navigation, uncluttered & attractive design with unique look. Our quality control department ensures you stable and quality software delivered on time.

With the fast expansion of Internet, the website of a company is not just information of company, but it has become a Sales outlet. We refine your online business by means of various tools making it more interactive and useful for your clients. With the advent of Social networking, blogs and other Rich Internet Media - Marketing and productivity tools over internet have gained a lot of importance.

Our advanced web programming is aiming at executing dynamic applications that would meet the growing business needs on the web. Our technical capabilities allow us to deliver website of every complexity: from simple scripts to complex web application taking advantage of multiple languages, databases and advanced programming. Our custom solutions are specially tailored to meet your needs and requirements.

Our Web Application Development Methodology
  • Requirement analysis and proposal with detailed documentation of tasks, mile stones and deliverables
  • After the Order is accepted by us, we provide you project timeline
  • Flash & Graphics designing for Home page
  • Navigation & Menu management design
  • Client suggestions & approval for Home page and overall color scheme, navigation
  • Inner page layout design
  • Client suggestions & approval
  • Database design
  • Programming in HTML/ASP dot Net/PHP & Java Scripting
  • Periodical Review after each mile stone is achieved on test server
  • Regular project progress updates
  • Rigorous testing & approval from our Quality control department
  • Client Acceptance Test (CAT) before final uploading to production server
  • Website Online on your Production server - a through Testing by our quality control department
  • Website Administration documentation & website handover
  • Technical Support for hosting & bug fixation

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