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Functional Testing


Functional testing checks features and operational behavior of a product to ensure compliance with specifications. This testing ignores the internal mechanism of a system/component and focuses solely on the outputs generated in response to selected inputs and execution conditions. Functional testing usually manual, plays an important role in Business critical applications and in applications where functionalities change quite often. Manual functional testing is essential, as 100 percent automation is not possible in real-time environment. In an agile methodology, manual functional testing holds upper hand over the automation. 

Netwin TestCeL has expertise in delivering manual functional testing service on software applications across BFSI, Healthcare, Retail and Logistics, Pharmaceutical domains. 

Netwin TestCeL has expertise in:

  • Web application Testing
  • Client Server Application Testing
  • Test Strategy and Test Plan Preparation
  • Test Cases & Test Data
  • Manual Functional Test Execution
  • Defect Tracking

Functional testing services include verification of the application and check if all the business requirements of the application are satisfied and tested. If any software is unable to meet client requirements or perform the designated functions with precision, it can lead to substantial losses in terms of money and efforts. 

Our approach is based on Requirement Specifications, Use cases, Functions/Features, Code and data where the focus is to have almost a destructive attitude. We test not only the design but also the overall system behavior and provide the comfort level over the intended business purpose of the system. 

The effect of upgrades, uploading and downloading on the performance is also checked at Netwin TestCeL during functional testing. Our aim is to validate application for conformation to its specifications and that it correctly performs all its required functions. Our test team checks the execution of functions and commands as envisaged originally. 

Our functional testing approach encompasses following phases:
  • Functional Requirements Understanding: This is the first and the most important step towards functional testing to understand the business requirement. Our test teams thoroughly analyze the business requirements specification and explore the application under test.
  • Test Planning and Test Case Design: Once the requirements are analyzed, a detailed test plan is designed and test scenarios are captured. These test scenarios address the business requirements and other factors involved in the day-to-day business process. On the basis of these test scenarios, test cases are developed. These documents are then reviewed by the QA heads for its adequacy.
  • Test Execution and Bug Fixing: All the test cases are executed in this phase and defects/issues/gaps are tracked using industry standard defect-tracking tools. The Bugs are then analyzed and forwarded to the development team for its fixation. This phase continues and involves regression testing of the application and tracking of bugs till its closure.
  • Report Generation and product release: A Comprehensive test report with analysis of testing tasks, including QA observations that relate to the overall application is generated.

At Netwin TestCeL thorough functional testing service is implemented through manual testing and automation testing. We have mastered functionality testing. Our test team understands the specifications very well which helps them to check the application’s functionality from different perspective. Our test team deploys a combination of various functionality testing techniques, which are certain to yield the desired results. 

Our knowledge of software development, operating systems and other technical things allows us to thoroughly understand and exercise your application. Our Testing Team is also cross-trained and exposed to various verticals that we support, our focus has always been to improve the quality of the product while ensuring a cost-effective test cycle. Our domain knowledge, recommending and using automation and frameworks at the right time and well defined QA methodology yield a cost reduction of 20-30%, subject to a few other factors at the customers’ end as well. 

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