Smart Bank

Smart Bank

Windows based Multiuser Online System. Fully Menu Driven & User friendly system. All types of Reports & Correspondence with Marathi interface. Online help & Support Services through Call Centre. Backup, Data Import & export, User wise Password. ATM, Camera, Pigmy machine interface, Branch Information. NAP, RBI, Clearing Modules Including ECS , IBC/OBC Separate Head Office Module with Branch Consolidation

1) Use of oracle database provides high security.

2) Two levels of security for accessing the information of the bank.

3) More database consistency.

4) Easy user interface.

5) Faster access to database.

6) One window transaction screen.

7) Reports can be generated to various formats and can be directly e-mailed.

8) Maximum part of interest calculation is on Database end so that same procedure can be used by different calculations & end result will be same.

9) Easy process of changing S/W language and can be changed as per user requirement.

10) Font can be changed by user as per his desire.

11) Duplication of important data not possible like a/c no care taken at database.

12) No need of process like Data indexing for recovery of Lost data.

14) Exceptions are in same window.

15) No need of data transfer.

16) Centralized customer information so that same information will be available for all reports.

17) No limitation for important information like joint holder, nominee, Guarantors and multiple Scanning facility for same a/c.

18) Direct migration of data from older version from VFP to oracle.

19) Includes Advance features of Oracle Like Data Replication & Partitioning for HO consolidation & High volume of Data.

20) Easy interface of add on products like Tele Banking, SMS Banking.