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Information Technology (IT) has created a revolution and has changed the way in which the banking business was carried out. The banking sector has witnessed seemingly change and have benefited from IT. Computers are being utilized to improve Speed, Accuracy & Efficiency and hence give you a winning edge in this competitive environment.

The success of such a technology depends on the way technology is absorbed and who your technical partners are. The ever-changing scenario has brought about a need of a dependable and trusted organization who understand your need and implements them for you.

We at Netwin understand your need and work towards achieving this goal. Netwin not only offers you with tested products but also with solution at affordable prices. We believe in maintaining and enhancing relationships with our customers through mutual understanding, trust and service.

Netwin Systems and Sofware (I) Pvt. Ltd., Nashik, is a Maharashtra based company established in 1993 and dealing in finance & Banking Software. The company has a well-established Service Network of 20 offices all aver Maharashtra with more than 125 dedicated executives catering to more than 3500 satisfied customers.

All Major Reports are Society wise and Department wise

> Demand Recovery Process

> Saving Module

> Shares Module

> Deposit Module

> Loans & Advance Module Small

> Saving Deposit Module

> Demand Draft

> General Ledger Module

Demand and Recovery Process

1) Demand raising and recovery process with demand for Pending amount, Interest & Penalty.

2) Automatic posting of Demand Note from text file.

3) Different types of interest calculation for loans, 15-15 day, month wise, day wise, installment with & without interest.

4) Discount processing facility for festivals & other occasions.

5) Guarantor Surety Education Process.

6) Demands recovery report with Society wise & Department wise Grouping & Customer wise Receipt Printing.

7) If extra amount/interest received through demand then facility to transfer extra amount to principal/suspense a/c.

8) Demand Recovery Report can be set on customer site in required format with facility to add Bank A/C No. of memeber, PF/GPF no. or Any other unique n.

Saving Module

1) Minimuim Balance Facility

2) Automatic interest accumulation.

3) Accounts with debit balance list.

Shares Module

1) share holder list & labels.[ City wise / Name wise / A/c Number wise/ Certificate number wise]

2) Divident Warrant, Transfer Register, Share Certificate.

3) Unpaid Dividend Register.

4) Shares Leger in I& J Format

5) Member wise pass book printing and Ledger printing with details loan & deposit recovered from salary

6) Member wise searching for all a/cs.

7) Option for setting of Maximum Shares Limit.

8) Member Resignation Process

Deposit Module

1) FD Maturity Report & Pre mature a/c closing.

2) Interest Certificate, Period wise/ Amount wise/ Interest Rate wise Deposit classification.

3) Advance against FD enquiry

4) Deposit Scheme calculation.

5) DICGC reports.

6) Quick FD renewal.

Loan & Advance Module

1) Demand recovery List - Society wise and department wise, facility to edit the demand note.

2) Automatic process for Recovery of Demand from text file as well as manual process.

3) Loan renewal process.

4) Guarantors Register & Guarantors Loan Register.

5) Pending installment, Insurance, insurance expiry list.

6) NPA Module, with future NPA A/c list.

Demand Draft

1) DD register, D.D Issue Report & DD Printing.

2) D.D. advice register & drawn on bank facility.

Small Saving Deposit Module

1) Agent wise A/c holder list & their balances.

2) Agent commission calculation.

3) Weekly/ Fortnightly/ Monthly balance transfer [ Agent to customer A/c].

4) A/c linking & installment transfer facility.

General Ledger Module

1) Interest, penal interest, Service charges.

2) Interest Multiplier, Interest Posting period setting facility.

3) Day Book, Subsidiary, Cash Scroll, Cut Book etc.

1) No access to system without Valid Password.

2) Signature & on-line photo scanning facility through Scanner & Web Camera.

3) Major loan and Shares reports with facility of Society wise and Department wise Grouping

4) Society & Department Transfer Process

5) Subsidiary printing for all general ledger.

6) Day book & scroll report printing.

7) Special report for Chairman & Director Body.

8) Director Meeting Letter.

9) On-line FD Receipt, Cash Receipt, Share Certificate, Dividend Warrant & Demand Draft printing facility.

10) As on date status of Interest for all types of a/c ( Loan, Deposit & Investments).

11) FD and loan maturity report, with period wise and interest rate wise classification.

12) All Types of correspondence & reminders with respect to Loans and advances.

13) Cross Guarantor Report.

14) All Statutory reports required for reporting to RBI.

15) Deposit Scheme setting facility.

16) SSD & RD quick entry & transfer facility.

17) Profit & Loss 'N' type & period wise reports.

18) Periodic Trial Balance report & Balance sheet with 'N' format.

19) Automatic Interest posting of deposit a/c of MIS (Monthly/ Quarterly/ Yearly) respective Saving / Loan ac's.

20) Premature FD & small saving a/c closing process.

21) FD renewal process with facility to renew on same FD a/c or on new FD a/c & GL.

22) Agent commission transfer process with TDS cutting.

23) Pigmy machine Interface.

24) Investment module.

25) Clearing Module for clearing of all types of cheques.

26) Automatic report generation of matured investment a/c in day start.

27) Dead stock & Stationary stock module.

28) Bank reconciliation, with facility to do reconciliation from TEXT files.

29) Short cut keys for, A/c ledger printing, Bank balance & Funds, Loan Installment calculation, Premature FD interest calculation & A/c and demand recovery details.

30)* On-line a/c inquiry of a/c balance, details of cheque status, stop payment, cheque book request through Phone Banking.

31)* Automatic generation of SMS Alerts when there is transaction of specific amount on a a/c, alerts for

Installment, alerts for due Loans & many more features of SMS alert.

> Banks, Co-op. Credit Societies & Primary Agricultural Societies.

> Software also available for School, Gram Panchayat & Municipal Councils. Software & Reports in Marathi, English &     Regional Languages.