Engagement Models

Engagement Models

Dedicated Resources Model

- Onshore Model
- Offshore Model
- Hybrid Model

We offer you to choose resources with specialized technical expertise in ASP.net, VB.Net, Java, PHP programming, iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry based mobile application development, Software Testing, Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint development. You can add these resources to enhance and supplement your existing on-site teams or create new offshore development team. This model best suits your growing needs for ongoing development. This model ensures that the extended team works as an extension of your team and provides resource flexibility, scalability, cost and time efficiencies, cross trained resources and the ability to adjust to peak loads.

This model incorporates a pool of specialized, multi-disciplinary resources that are organized and managed by Netwin Infosolutions to meet your complex business objectives. These resources may be expected to follow processes and standards as per your requirement while working in our development center. Work time of the resource is reserved for a client, and he is expected to keep the workload of the resource at the agreed specified level. The resource is full time dedicated for your work and he will report to your project manager on daily basis. You can send weekly schedule of the resources. You or your project manager can directly talk to resource on phone or chat via Skype or any other messenger.

In Hybrid model, we create a bridge between onshore and offshore teams. We send a small team onshore which works on client site, discuss with client, does implementation and training. Also this onsite people create documents to send to offshore team and help you to get the things done from offshore team as per your requirements. This model provides you benefits of both of the above models, we shall suggest you to take a right mix of onsite and offshore resources to ripe the maximum benefits.

Project Outsourcing Model

- Fixed Cost
- Monthly Billing

In this model you give us project requirements and we review it and offer you fixed-price for application development. We give you detailed scope of development and proposal to develop it with timeline. Here we take responsibility to deliver on time and within budget, freeing our customers to focus on their real business priorities. This works best for customers who know exactly what they want and are looking for a competitive fixed price and agreed timescale for the complete development.

Based on our past experience, the successful delivery of fixed-price projects always requires a comprehensive requirements specification which has clear acceptance criteria and defines the system requirements to a level of detail and precision such that each individual requirement is testable.

You can review the progress of the project during development. We provide you milestone based deliveries throughout the development cycle. This phased development process helps the customers to have clear evidence of progress and visibility of the end solution, matched by rigorous and well-documented testing processes, and post-live warranty periods.

In some cases where the project specifications are not very clear at start, we offer the development on time and material basis. In this model we do monthly billing based on the varied number of resources required for each month. You have flexibility to ramp-up or down the resources based on the project progress and the modifications to the original scope. This helps in agile development methodology where there is change in specifications you can increase or decrease the resources as the development goes on so as to meet the delivery deadlines.