ace Bank cbs

ace-Bank CBS

The banking environment globally is witnessing rapid changes. Customers expect banks to offer them new and easy ways of banking. Competition too,is compelling banks to be agile and be innovative in their approach. Application of Information Technology enable banks to improve their products offerings, speed, accuracy, reliability, accessibility, as far as customer service is concerned. Efficient and adaptive core banking solution is essential for a bank to effectively meet the challenges and demands of the modern day banking.

aceBank-CBS is comprehensive, integrated yet modular core banking solution from Netwin Systems & Sofware (I) Pvt. Ltd. that not only manages the existing day-to-day transactions of the bank but also enables the management to incrementally add new services and delivery channels to the banks existing portfolio. aceBnk-CBS is structured around the most important component of your business "The Customer". The software is highly parameterized enabling the bank to adapt to a dynamic banking environment. Features such as multilingual support shall help users to cater to the local population. Netwins aceBank-CBS Core banking helps banks overcome the challenges of intense competition, reduced margins and increased customer expectations by creating a unique competitive advantage built upon improved profitability and an extended customer reach.

360 Degree view of the customer

aceBank enables you to access all the information related to customer through very flexible and user-configured customer dash board. It gives every user the ability to access all the information available of a particular customer from a single screen display. Also you can consolidate and view the entire relationship that any customer maintains with your bank.

Better regulatory compliance

aceBank-CBS has the facilities for regulatory compliance which will lower costs through improved reporting, faster turnaround times and increased accuracy.

Improved information flow

aceBank helps banks ot improve the speed and accuracy of decision-making, by deploying systems that consolidates corporate
information to create a comprehensive analytical framework.

Better customer offering

Using aceBank-CBS, banks can target customers with the right offers at the right time with the right channel to increase profitability.

Cost effective

Netwin offers a full range of the technology at very competitive pricing. For this Netwin has invested huge amount of time and money to develop technologies and solutions which shall reduce the cost without compromising the benefits
derived from the solutions.