Digtal Banking

Digital Banking

Tatkal Money(ATM)

Facility for society customer to use card for online shopping, POS machine & withdrawal of money from 2,30,000 ATM’s across India.


Inward and outward payment facility for customers of bank/society.

Mobile Money Collection

Facitity for bank/society aurthorised agents to collect money on field of customers in multiple GL accounts through mobile app.

Recharge & Bill Payment

Facility for bank/society customers and aurthorised agents to do recharge, bill pay etc.

Mobile Banking

Facility for bank/society customer to do balance enquiry, fund transfer, NEFT/RTGS/IMPS, tatkal money (ATM) fund loading etc.through mobile app.


Facility for bank/society customer to do cashless shopping without smart phone at netpos enabled merchants having account in bank/society.

Mobile Payment

Facility for paying money to soceity customer by soceity authorised agent through mobile app.

Miss Call Alert

Facility for bank/society customer to check balance, tatkal money (ATM) fund loading etc. through mobile miss call.

Aadhaar Based Solutions

Bank/society’s employee/customer identification and verification through aadhaar biometric system for banking transactions.